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4 Podcasts That Changed My Financial Life

When my husband started commuting part time to LA from San Diego in September of 2019, he got into listening to podcasts. I couldn’t understand it – I found them to be incredibly dull, and I much preferred to jam out to music while I drove. But he would come home from his 2 hour drive, he would talk to me about what he learned from whatever podcast he was listening to at the time. At the time, it went in one ear and out the other. I would hear “index funds” or “investing” or “financial independence” and I could care less. I was happy for him that he found entertainment in podcasts, but I just stuck with my 2000’s throwback playlist on Spotify.

We moved to LA so he could work full time without the awful commute March 1, 2020. As you all recall, this was less than 2 weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown commenced. We found ourselves with a ton of free time for a few months, as our employers tried to figure out how to keep us working via telehealth. So during these times, we would take our dogs for very long walks. And during this time, I finally decided to listen to one of these FIRE podcasts that my husband raved about.

And let me tell you… I was HOOKED.

I didn’t think I could learn so much from people talking into my ear while I walked the dogs, or while out on a long run, or while commuting once we started going back into work. I found myself diving deep into these podcasts, and basically catching up to my husband so that we could plan our financial future together and, to his relief, finally be on the same page.

So here are my top 4 personal favorite podcasts that helped me learn more about personal finance, financial independence, frugal living, and so much more (note: I am not financially affiliated with any of these podcasts – I’m just a huge fan, and I am promoting them purely because they changed my life, and I hope that they can change yours too):

  1. ChooseFI – Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendonsa

Brad and Jonathan are the reason that my husband and I found out about the Financial Independence (FI) community. They lay out the steps to reaching FI in a simple manner so that it doesn’t seem as complicated as you think. In fact, I do a recap of my favorite blog post of their Baby Steps to FI in my earlier blog posts “How do I get to FIRE? Part 1” and “How do I get to FIRE? Part 2.” If that doesn’t show you how much of a fan I am, I don’t know what will!

I highly recommend some of their earlier podcasts, especially if you are starting out and learning more about FI. These are the episodes that I found to be the most helpful when I started my journey:

They even have an Essential Listening Guide you can follow as you continue your path to FI, which I have used to go back and relisten to some of the more intermediate-advanced level FI podcasts.

2. Afford Anything – Paula Pant

I started listening to Paula Pant after I heard her interview on the ChooseFI podcast. Paula Pant’s approach to financial independence, with her mantra “You can afford anything, but not everything,” resonated with me, and found myself really enjoying her podcast as she interviews not only people in the financial realm, but in other realms of life that make you dig deeper and optimize your way of living.

Paula Pant is also a big fan of real estate investing, which was something I had decided to give up on after a terrible experience with a crappy tenant. But after listening to some of her podcasts, I realize that I went about it all the wrong way! I am learning from those mistakes, and in the future I plan to get back into real estate investing, all because of Afford Anything.

So, here are some of my favorite Afford Anything podcasts:

3. Frugal Friends – Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni

I look forward to my Friday Frugal Friend Fill (gotta love alliteration, amirite?), because every Friday, Jen and Jill release their weekly podcast, where they talk about what it means to live a frugal, values based, meaningful life. Their passion for teaching others about living a frugal lifestyle, and breaking down the stereotype of frugality being synonymous with deprivation, is so eye opening and has changed the way I look at spending and saving money.

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Jen at FinCon 2021 in Austin, and she is an amazing human being. I was so nervous to approach her to introduce myself, because she really is one of my heroes! But when I finally got the courage to say hi to her, she was so nice and friendly, and we ended up chatting for hours. And fun fact: Jen used to be an acupuncturist – allied health professionals for the win! As if I couldn’t love Frugal Friends any more than I did, meeting her was definitely the highlight of FinCon 2021 for me.

Here are some of my favorite Frugal Friends podcasts:

4. Marriage Kids and Money – Andy Hill

Andy Hill is one of the most enthusiastic, bubbly, and energetic podcasters that I have every listened to! Every time he speaks, you can feel his energy and his excitement behind whatever he is choosing to talk about. Whether it’s about achieving financial independence, strengthening your marriage, or raising money-smart kids, every episode leaves you wanting to learn more from Andy!

My personal favorite are Fridays, when him and his wife, Nicole, get together and enjoy some wine and have candid discussions on a variety of topics. Each Friday is different, and I enjoy listening to them have an open dialogue as a married couple navigating their own finances, marriage, and children as a team.

I also got a chance to meet Andy at FinCon 2021, and yes, he is as enthusiastic and friendly in person as he is on his podcast! We got a chance to chat over some afternoon beers before he flew back home, and when I told him about my idea about starting FIREd Up for Allied Health, he was genuinely stoked about it and he encouraged me to go for it. Thanks, Andy!

Here are my favorite MKM podcasts:

There you have it, the podcasters that changed my life! I hope you decide to listen to a couple of the podcasts I suggested, and I hope you find as much benefit in them as I did.

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