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*NEW* Holiday Budget Checklist

The Holidays are approaching, and with your busy schedule as an allied health professional, it could be easy to let your budget slip and not think about your finances. Don’t let the holidays give you an excuse to forget about your financial goals!

Use this FREE Holiday Budget Checklist to keep your finances in order while you shop!

Financial To-Do List

Set yourself up for success by writing down your financial goals! Your goals may be different than someone else’s goals, and that’s totally okay. Remember that personal finance is truly personal, so make sure that your financial goals are in alignment with your values!

Whether you’re making daily, weekly, monthly, or annual goals, use this FREE resource to keep yourself accountable!

Debt Payoff Checklist

Let’s get you out of debt and on the path to financial independence! The first step… list out all of your debts! This FREE resource lists the most common debts, and also has blank spaces for you to ill in as well.

Print this out and put it somewhere that you see everyday to help motivate you to spend less, earn more, and once you can pay off the debt, you can start investing the rest!