3 Cheap and Frugal Self Care Hacks

Love me some self care!

We spend our work days as allied health professionals taking care of others. But it’s so important to care for yourself as well! Remember, you need to care for yourself in order to effectively care for others.

But don’t feel like you have to spend hundreds of dollars at expensive spas and with pricey products. There are ways to still care for yourself without throwing down a ton of money!

  • Go to Groupon for Self-Care Deals

When I was in grad school in New York City, I hated trying to find a salon to get my hair cut, or to find a waxing studio, because every place was so. Damn. Expensive.

New York, I love you, but I also hate how expensive you are.

So I started buying hair cuts and waxes from Groupon. I was able to find Groupons where I could get a haircut, shampoo, and style for as low as $10, and Brazilian waxes for as low as $29! I was saving over 50% of what it normally was priced at, and I was still getting quality haircuts and waxes.

Make sure you use it BEFORE the expiration date! Usually they expire 3 months after you purchase it. Also, read the instructions before you purchase. Some salons have specific days and times that you can go to use the Groupon, or some have restrictions.

  • Check Out Local Career Colleges

If you’re looking for a full spa and pamper experience, this probably is not be for you. But if you’re not super attached to your hair, or you don’t mind noise in the background of your massage, checking out a local career college or cosmetology school is a great way to save money for self-care.

A local career college near me advertises a basic mani/pedi for $30, eyebrow wax for $10, and a hair trim for $10! And many of these services are supervised, which means the teacher will correct any mistakes that the student may make.

However, if you freak out when your hair is cut 1/2 inch too short, then this may not be for you. Also, they have very odd hours, as they’re typically when the students are in class. Google a local career college near you to find out more.

  • Do-It-Yourself!

Look around your bathroom, and yes, your kitchen, for ways to get creative with DIY self care! For a homemade facial, grind oatmeal in a blender, add baking soda to the oatmeal with enough water to make a paste1, and BOOM, you got yourself a facial. You can also soak washcloths in hot water and let them lay on over your face, put your face over boiled water for a facial steam, and cut a couple circles from a cucumber and let it rest on your eyes.

For my nails, I use a Growth Nail Treatment & Strengthener to start, followed by the nail polish of choice (I usually have 2-3 Essie colors on hand), top it with a glitter coat, then finish with a Top Nail Coat. I basically started my own little nail salon at home!

During the pandemic, I trimmed my own hair! I went onto YouTube to find out how to do this, and I was surprised at how easy it was. I also had a coworker trim my hair at work when I messed up one time and needed it fixed…lucky I wear my hair up at work, so it didn’t really matter anyway haha!

There are ways to save money with self-care. Sometimes you just have to get creative. Comment below and share how you take care of yourself, and your ways to save money with self-care!

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  1. https://www.byrdie.com/oatmeal-facial-masks-2442870#:~:text=Grind%20two%20tablespoons%20of%20oatmeal,Leave%20on%20for%2010%20minutes.

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